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Mahesh Verma follows Indian astrological system and makes predictions based on planetary positions and location of stars as mentioned in Indian almanancs namely Viswa Vijay Panchang and Nirnay Sagar. For astrological predictions for his clients in Tamilnadu he uses Thiruganitam and Vakya Panchangam.a
Donít let your doubts & apprehensions stop you from enjoying what the planets have in store. My personalized horoscope reading services are designed to throw more light on all issues that have been puzzling you in recent times. With expert horoscope predictions and advice, your recent doubts about a murky future are due to fade. Give your life a twist and confidence a boost.

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When life showers opportunities, you need to be mentally and physically healthy to grab them with both hands. But there are times when things are not favourable. When everything looks out of hands, a simple health prediction based on your horoscope can make all the difference.

Planetary changes may give you a predisposition to a certain disease, so tracking the movements and reading your horoscope is quite important to ensure you remain hale & healthy in your life. Health astrology prediction will help to eliminate your health worries & give you what you need most for quick and complete recovery Ė peace of mind.
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He says the ability to predict comes with the help of intuitive ability. The power of intuition can be developed with the blessings of god almighty.
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